The curing racks in our soap studio has lots of goodies waiting to hit the soap shelf in our shop. Down below you can read what is coming, and when!

  • 14/9 – AUTUMN SYMPHONY: A cozy autumn scent of hot cocoa and patchouli, reminding me that it is ok to slow down and enjoy.
  • 14/9 – LIME & MANGO: I’m not really ready to let go of summer yet. Maybe that’s why I made this super fresh summer soap smelling of lime and mango.
  • 22/9 – NORWEGIAN GLACIER: a blend of lily, musk, spearmint and bergamot scents this lovely blue-ish bar of handcrafted soap. It’s pure, fresh and clean as the ancient glaciers you’ll find in Norway.
  • 22/9 – SUMMER MEMORIES of AMBER: a blend of musk and amber colored in white and amber, giving me memories from the long summertime walks with my aunt in Denmark, looking for amber on the white beaches near her house.
  • 22/9 – OATMEAL & HONEY: The must-have soap all year long, made with organic honey and oatmeal flakes.
  • 22/9 – THE PINK CORNER of our BLACK & WHITE life: A fun and festive bar of soap, with the tart scent of rhubarb mixed with the sweet scent of black plum. Gives you that contrast!
  • 22/9 – COOL LINES of LIME: A tart and sweet smell of Lime, dupe of Lime Cooler, uplifting like the drink?
  • 29/9 – GO FIGURE: A smooth scent of black fig and vetiver makes this soap the most popular one for autumn, winter and early spring.
  • 29/9 – PINK PEONY: This pink and white soap smells like a bouquet of flowers given to you on a rainy day.
  • 29/9 – DENIM BLEND: Remember those favorite jeans you cut into shorts and the smell of fresh late summer air in the morning?
  • 5/10 – BERGAMOT BLACK TEA: A nice autumn scent wrapped in colors of an autumn evening.
  • 5/10 – COLOR ME HAPPY: Base soap is scented with kumquat and the rainbow embeds also has a hint of lavender. It’s a fresh bar of soap, colored white and neon orange.
  • 24/11 – SPARKLY SNOWMAN: Everyone needs a bit of glitter, and this snowman just loves his sparkly scarf. Oh, and he is inside this soap!
  • 24/11 – THE TREE & THE SNOWFLAKE: Gift packed soaps 2 in 1, scented for christmas and ready to use.