I turned 29 some years ago, and most days I feel like I’m on top of the world. I live part time in the middle of a small town with shops, restaurants and all you need literally right around the corner, and part time in the middle of the Norwegian wilderness with 22 km to the nearest shop and nothing but nature around me. We all need some peace and quiet, but most of us also need to blend in with the crowd having a cup of coffee at our favorite bar… I get the best of both worlds.

I started soaping a while ago, but stopped and started a couple of times before I realized this was it. I am a journalist by profession, and have had a lot of different office jobs during the years, but it all came to a halt one late summer when I had an accident on my bike. My head got pretty beat up, and the years since then has been a long journey of facing reality, slowing down, quitting my job and training myself to function normal. Normal is still not normal, and probably never will be again, but I have found one thing that makes my day and my life joyful: SOAPING.

I love the process. I love everything about it. I love searching for supplies online, buying them (love it to much), calculating the recipe, blending the oils, coloring, making the soap, placing it on the curing rack, looking at it, beveling and planing, smelling it, wrapping it, telling my customers about it, shipping soaps out to people all over the world and and and…

This is my life now. And I am happy.


new logo

No, I do not knit socks for a living. Actually I am not much of a knitter. Wish I was, but I gave up years ago. Well, I still try from time to time, but I give up half done. Guess how many potentially cozy sweaters I have stacked away, not finished yet?

The logo is more “me” than that. Who am I. What am I. What do I enjoy. Where am I going.

So… feet…. for me they are a symbol of the journey we are on. Walking, standing, on the road, heading somewhere, having goals. I feel that the stripes represent my need for structure and the sock itself, my need for warmth. I am always cold. Even on a hot summer day, I am cold.

I was asked if I could define happiness the other day. That’s a big question, and I seriously almost starting crying thinking about it.

What is happiness FOR ME?

Kids, family, friends, good health… All of those of course, but the question was so much bigger than that. And the more I thought about it, the “smaller” my thoughts were. Hanging clothes out to dry in the warm summer breeze. Waking up to a clean kitchen in the morning. A hug. A pair of warm socks…

So now you know. I don’t knit.